The HOWUM 2023

Toe The Line At The HOWUM  •  May 6th, 2023

A 30 mile challenge into the HEARTLANDS of WALES and the source of the River Severn.

Join us May 6th 2023 as we set-off to discover the HEARTLANDS of WALES and 30 miles of true welsh beauty. An ultra marathon designed to discover everything mid Wales has to offer. Starting from the town of Llanidloes, the route takes in the Sarn, Glyndwr’s Way, Severn Way and Wye Valley Walk. Heading out towards the breath taking Clywedog Reservoir, stepping on to the infamous Glyndwr’s Way, then onwards to the HEARTLANDS of WALES and the source of the River Severn before heading back to the picturesque town of Llanidloes.

The Heartlands of Wales

The Heartlands of Wales circular is a spectacular combination of 4 trails merged into 1. Meandering through the heartlands of Wales, the route takes in the Sarn, Glyndwr’s Way, Severn Way and Wye Walk in what must be one of the most spectacular areas of Wales.

Point of interest

The Clywedog reservoir is a reservoir near Llanidloes, Wales on the head-waters of the River Severn. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it!

Enough of the huff, sign up today, challenge your perceived limits and toe the line at the HOWUM in 2022.


Race Day Schedule –
05:30 – Registration Opens
06:30 – Morning Stretch/Catch up with the Pegasus Family
06:45 – Pre-Event Chat and Bon Jovi Greatest Hits!!!
07:00 – Start of The HOWUM

Time Limits and Checkpoints – Please note we do not have time limits. Like we’ve stated previously, you’ve trained and paid to enter this race… We owe it to each Athlete to provide the help, support and time to get all to the finish line. Although we want our Athletes to challenge themselves, we don’t believe you have to run your heart out to do so. Take in the scenery, have a chat with a local, but most of all… Enjoy the trek!

In terms of Checkpoints, there will be 3 along the route. They will be fully manned and stocked with; snacks, fresh fruit, drinks, hot/cold food, resting areas, shelter where needed and Tom Jones on repeat! Please let us know of any special dietary requirements, as we will accommodate accordingly.

Route – The HOWUM

The HOWUM Kit –

Water Carrier (1L)
Mobile Phone
Head Lamp or Other Light Source for Night-Time
Foil Blanket
Wet & Cold Weather Gear
Backpack or Rucksack
Personal Bag for Midway Checkpoint
Sense of Adventure!!!

Included with your Entry –

Infamous Pegasus Medal, Fully Loaded Checkpoints, Post Race Care, Parking, Professionally organised event and much more…

Fancy volunteering?

Want to experience a Pegasus event from the eyes of a volunteer and race crew? Drop us an email to and we’ll be sure to get in touch.