How To Find The Correct Footwear

Peg It   •   Jan 23rd, 2018

Marathon Sports Shoe Wall

This starts and ends with SPECIALTY RUNNING SHOPS. Most every major city you visit should have a Specialty Shop where the STAFF members are trained in Gait Analysis. The STAFF should go over; any past injuries, aches & pains, bone structure, foot shape, and reason for the new shoes… if they don’t, then make sure you provide any information that may help with the fitting process. The STAFF member should then get the customer to walk/run while they asses their foot-strike and biomechanics. This helps to breakdown the shoe-wall into different categories (Neutral, Corrective or Supportive). Then the fitting process begins!

The Fitting Process

If grabbing a new pair of shoes for the treadmill, then the analysis is perfect to trial on a treadmill. If not, ask to go outside and open-up to your normal stride. Again, most Specialty Shops should urge the customer to go outside and see how the new shoes are feeling when hitting the pavement. If you can’t feel the shoe on your foot, this is a good indication that it may be the right shoe for you. Also keep in-mind that you should have a little bit of room from your Big Toe (or longest) to the end of the shoe… think a thumbnail’s width. The foot swells when pounding the pavement, and even more blood-flow in warmer months, so a little extra room is key! Running shoes also come in widths, so if your foot is spilling over or going numb, please go and get fitted properly to avoid future foot pain.

Know Before You Buy

At last, new shoes can be expensive, so make sure your local Specialty Shop has a good return policy in-case anything goes awry. They will most-likely have a 30-Day return policy, and will urge their customers to trial their new shoes within this given time. If the shoe has a manufacturing defect, you may have to go straight to the source.

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Hope this helps, and feel free to message if any other questions arise.

Happy Running!