Take on the Pegasus Slam  •   April to September 2022

T he PEGASUS SLAM 2021 – 6 events,  240 miles of running and 23,515ft ft of elevation.

Sponsored by Hammer Nutrition and Enduraprep.

The Pegasus Slam is here! Finish the South CANUM, the HOWUM, the VOGUM, the North CANUM, the EDDUM and the RIDUM in one calendar year and you will have completed the Pegasus Slam!

From the golden coastline of South Wales to the mountain tops of Mid Wales, this brutal series of events showcases the best trails and views Wales has to offer. The challenge starts in April and the goal is to finish an ultra marathon a month up until September.

The Event Calendar

April 2nd – The South CANUM 

May 7th – The HOWUM

June 4th  – The VOGUM

July 2nd – The North CANUM

August 6th – The EDDUM

September 3rd – The RIDUM

Sign up to all of the events today, challenge your perceived limits, become one of the first people to take on the Pegasus Slam in 2022 and walkaway with the coveted Pegasus Slamathon Trophy!


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What does that mean?

It means upon purchase you will receive your very own Pegasus Pass to use on all of our events – The SOUTH CANUM, HOWUM, VOGUM, NORTH CANUM, EDDUM and RIDUM – or what we like to call the Pegasus Slam.

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What will happen if COVID strikes again?

Well your Pegasus Pass will roll over to 2023.